Urethral Complications during Phalloplasty 

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8 Myths About Transgender Men's Genital Reconstructions 

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can people please stop comparing bottom surgery results to the dicks that they’ve seen in porn

because most likely if you were AFAB, the vast majority of dicks you’ve seen have come from porn (as opposed to your own or your friends or the locker room)


SO NO, bottom surgery results are not gonna look like that, because MOST DICKS IN GENERAL DON’T LOOK LIKE THAT

holy shit

It’s true, I get dick pics all the time. Trust me most of them are not gems.

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Dr Atala: Lab Grown Penile Implants for Wounded Veterans 


You might have heard of Dr Atala before. He was the man behind the lab grown penises implanted on rabbits. These rabbits were able to reproduce normally.

Atala’s research was to be able to use one’s own cells to grow organs and body parts without fear of your body rejecting it.

This was announced around 8 years ago with no further information. But just last year, they announced that the US government will fund Dr Atala and his group for 5 years in order to develop medical procedures for wounded veterans… with the lab grown penises on the to do list.

This means that within 5 years time, surgery to have a surgically attached and fully functional penis will be possible. Only one more, short little jump from that opens the possibilities for transsexual men in the future.

I know I’m excited.

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Hey friends, I have a question and I hope it doesn't offend any other transguys but I hope to have bottom surgery in the future and I'm not sure which one to get. I am pre T and I'm already very big down there so when I go on T i expect it will be larger than maybe the average transguys junk but I've never liked the look of the surgery (the one that begins with M) I'm not sure which to get, could you list the pro's and cons (withpics) of each bottom surgery there is and your preference please :)
Anonymous Asked


Hey! So bottom surgery isn’t for everyone and for the people who decide on getting bottom surgery - deciding on which one can be either really easy, or really tricky. There is no actual list of pros and cons, only because its all personal opinion you know? But I can list you the procedures and explain which one I would get.


  • Uses your clit that has grown from HRT
  • A ‘release’ of the clitoris is preformed, where the skin under is cut and the attached together under the clit
  • A Urethra Lengthening is performed so you are able to pee through your clit (standing up).
  • Your front hole is closed and some people get testical implants
  • You can penetrate with this dick, but some people cannot (depending on your growth)
  • You can orgasm, but CANNOT cum out of your dick (I have only seen 2 people be able to actually have CUM come out of their dicks but this is SUPER rare)

I made a video about it here:

If you want images, check out this tag :D


  • Most common: They take the skin from your non-dominant arm and make that into your new phallus.
  • The front hole is closed
  • Testical implants
  • Urethra Lenghtening
  • Some people get an erectile implant, where they can pump the balls or press a button to become hard
  • The clit can stay exposed under the pahllus OR you can redirect the nerves into the phallus
  • You get sexual sensation throughout the phallus
  • You can orgasm but you CANNOT ejaculate (as in cum coming out of your dick)

I made a video about it here:

If you want more info/results, check out this link!

Personal opinion: I think both options are awesome. Personally, my mental state was not ok after top surgery and I don’t think my brain would be able to understand a piece of my skin being somewhere else on my body. Maybe this will change later on. I want a clitoral release with a urethra lengthening but I do not want to close my front hole. Some people want their front hole closed - and thats 100% fine. But it is also 100% fine to not want to close it up as well. I enjoy front penetration way to much!

Hope this helps!


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Phalloplasty result pictures - 3,5 yr post-op


Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent (Hospital: UZG in Belgium)
Surgeons: Prof. Monstrey & Prof. Lumen
Not my own pictures, but have permission to share. Can’t answer questions because of privacy.

Pictures under the cut

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Phalloplasty info


Basic information:

  • Phalloplasty consists in taking tissue from one part of the body to create a phallus that is attached to the pubic area. This tissue can be from the forearm, thigh, calf, latissimus dorsi, groin, or abdomen.
  • The surgery is done in different phases, which include the creation and attachment of the phallus, reconstruction of the urethra, scrotoplasty, vaginectomy, glansoplasty and insertion of penile implants.
  • The penis has blood vessels and nerves that allow it to have sensitivity. The level of sensitivity depends on the technique used.
  • The clitoris can be left below or above the penis, or buried in it.
  • Erogenous sensitivity can remain in the clitoris or extend to the rest of the penis by reconecting the nerves.
  • A penile implant is necessary for erections (except when bone tissue is used to achieve rigidity, or with the MLD technique that allows to flex the muscle). There are different kinds of implants and they need to be changed periodically.
  • The cost depends on the surgeon, the technique and other factors.

Links with information:

Studies about different techniques, success rates, etc.:

Photos, videos, personal experiences:

Information in Spanish:

Original post in Spanish: http://transexualidadftm.blogspot.com/2014/02/informacion-sobre-la-faloplastia.html

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Need to shave and trim again

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Phalloplasty result pictures - 3,5 yr post-op


Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent (Hospital: UZG in Belgium)
Surgeons: Prof. Monstrey & Prof. Lumen
Not my own pictures, but have permission to share. Can’t answer questions because of privacy.

Pictures under the cut

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Penile Implants for FTM Phalloplasty


The most commonly used penile implants for FTM phalloplasty are manufactured by American Medical Systems Corporation (AMS) in the USA and Coloplast A/S in Denmark.

There are three different models of penile implants available:

  • Non inflatable or semi-rigid penile implants
  • 2-piece inflatable penile implants
  • 3-piece inflatable penile implants

Below are photos of these models made by AMS and Coloplast.

AMS Spectra - Non Inflatable

Penile Implant for FTM Phalloplasty - AMS Spectra

AMS Ambicor - 2-Piece Inflatable

Penile Implant for FTM Phalloplasty - AMS Ambicor

AMS 700 Series - 3-Piece Inflatable

Penile Implant for FTM Phalloplasty - AMS 700 Series

Coloplast Genesis - Non Inflatable

Penile Implant for FTM Phalloplasty - Coloplast Genesis

Coloplast Titan & Coloplast Titan OTR - 3-Piece Inflatable

Penile Implant for FTM Phalloplasty - Coloplast Titan and Titan OTR

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Long-term outcome of metaidoioplasty in 70 female-to-male transsexuals. 



In 1996, metaidoioplasty was introduced as an alternative to phalloplasty in female-to-male transsexuals. To assess the long-term outcome in 70 consecutive patients (mean follow-up 8 years), we established the characteristics of postoperative events and additional surgical procedures. Metaidoioplasty and primary or secondary scrotoplasty was uneventful in 8 patients. In the other patients, postoperative events included immediate postoperative complications (n = 23), urethral fistulas (n = 26) or strictures (n = 25), or loss (n = 22) or dislocation (n = 34) of testicular prostheses. An average of 2.6 surgical procedures per patient was needed to complete genital confirmation and cope with all events. Additional phalloplasty was performed or scheduled in 17 patients. We conclude that genital reassignment by metaidoioplasty cannot usually be completed in 1 step and that phalloplasty is feasible subsequent to metaidoioplasty. We still consider metaidoioplasty to be a method of choice in selected patients.

anyone know where I can get pics of clitoral release online?



legit have never seen a result and I just need to see if you know?


go here, patient 3a, 3b, 3c are all of simple meta.

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Is there any way to get phalloplasty covered by insurance? My policy does not cover anything related to transgenderism. Can I purchase an additional policy that will?


I think you can purchase multiple policies, but I don’t live in the U.S. so I’m not certain.

While it’s easier to get phalloplasty coverage under a policy without trans exclusions, I have heard of guys who appealed denials and managed to get coverage anyway.

If you’re considering attending university, the list of institutions that are including trans health coverage in their student policies is growing steadily.

Just yesterday, it was announced that insurance carriers in Colorado are eliminating trans exclusions, and there are signs that Medicare could cover in the future. Basic Rights Oregon have had big wins in the fight for inclusive health care, and similar victories have been won in California, Colorado, Vermont, and Washington, D.C. Momentum is building!

Once you have a policy that will cover phalloplasty, you’ll need to find a surgeon “in network” or work out an arrangement with the insurance company to fund an out of network surgeon. This may include you paying for some of the surgery expense (if they “cap” the amount they’ll pay.)

Sorry I don’t have a more specific answer, but I hope this helps.

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